Thursday, 23 March 2017

MLS Real Estate Listing Service

Destination for Perfect Real Estate Listings in India

Are you a real estate agent and looking to list your business listing? Then Listings of India provide MLS (multiple listing service), to list various real estate agent details and all the properties in that particular area. It connects all the real estate agents in India to ensure it would be quick and easy for the customer to find the real estate properties through its real estate agents. These agents take care of your process to make it simpler. It is reputed firm for its services and brings qualified leads to customer doorstep. So that their customers can make sure that their property transaction is in the right hands. On the other hand the customer property will get wider exposure to the qualified buyers.

MLS Real Estate Services:
Multiple Listing Service is a database consists of home for sale and establishing the fees, and the conditions of the agent who represents the sale or purchase of the particular property. These agents earn a sales commission on the sale of the property listed in the listing and also on the properties on which they represented as a buyer representative. The main advantage of these MSL is when customer act as a buyer, you can get instant access to different properties to choose the best one depending upon their requirement and as a seller their property is listed through online so that it would reach thousands of potential buyers. In this competitive market listing your property through online makes a vast difference. Listings of India provide only qualified leads that are verified so that the customer can assure their leads. This is the only platform which caters its services for both the agents and buyer.

So what are you waiting for, if you are a real estate agent and want to list your listing, then visit

Friday, 20 January 2017

Significance of Multiple Listing Services in Real Estate of India

The very important word of Real Estate, MLS is the abbreviation of MultipleListings Services, is very useful to find real estate MLS listings for sale by Realtors and other realty professionals that are members of your local MLS Multiple Listing Service. It features various real estate property listings and news.By using this administration, land operators can discover homes that are available to be purchased to help their costumer in buying with awesome choices buy. Nevertheless, what would you be able to escape from perusing the land postings? If you choose offering a home, the land postings in your general vicinity are crucial to peruse and get it.

 Having that stride, not just do they let you know what your rival for home deals is, yet they additionally help you to think of your savvy choices about the estimation of your home.Real estate agents are using this information to help you to accurately decide about the price your home. Real estate listings are generally designed for buyers. By presenting information that a home is for sale, individuals can clearly see that this is one alternative that they have. When you work with your real estate agent, you will want to find the best possible homes that fit your price range as well as your needs.

Real Estate Listings are something you ought to take a gander at yourself, yet they ought not to be the main thing that you do. You ought to work with a decent land office that is going to find homes that fit your needs and obviously spending plan. You need to discover the majority of your choices so you can settle on the right choice completely.The Internet provides opportunities for success to both homebuyer and seller. Through it, both can have an easy trading deal even if they are just on virtual discussions.In fact, when you have your own domain, interested property or homebuyers tend to check back to your website every week, in the hope of finding fresh properties. For having complete details about these listings, please do visit us at

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Perfect Online Place to find the Best Real Agent for Perfect Deals

Destination for Perfect Real Estate Listings in India

Listingsofindia is the online portal which provides the excellent platform for the real estate agents or brokers to list their property details like land or houses and many more. It is the multiple listing company which provides the listing servicesto the real estate agents at best prices. Through this listings it makes easier to find the best agents and the best deals throughout India.

Their main aim is to provide the excellent deals to your door step without much pressure and offers you a peace of mind in selling your products. They list the listings of the agents by providing some packages for them. Suppose you are a member in listings of India and you are willing to recommend your co-agent to list their business than if any of the customers visit his listings then you will be paid by listings of India.


Multiple Listing Services:

Multiple listing servicesis a data that consists of homes for sale and it also consists of fee details, conditions of the agents. This is a right place where the real estate agents and brokers can commonly share their property details and which is visible throughout India.

If you want to sell your property, then you can go through their website and find the perfect agent and they will visit your place and collect all the required details and then they will advertise your property in online and bring back you the excellent deals for you. Or if you are in search of purchasing a new property, then you can find the right agent and choose your best deal from it.

Through this listing your properties can be viewed by thousands of thousand people and as a buyer, you can view different deals all over India. For more details, visit

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Top Real Estate Listings Service in India

Listings of India is the perfect platform for both the buyers and sellers of the real estate properties across India. It is a multiple listing service company that connects all the real estate agents in India and help in increasing the exposure to the properties.

Listings of India is the perfect real estate multiple listing service which was started with a main mission to streamline and boost up the real estate sector by using the technology and increase the contact between the agents and broker throughout India to create a multi listing service which is the centralized database of real estate of Indian market.

The membership fees for the brokers and agents is as follows
  • The membership of the brokers range from 1 year membership to 5 year membership and the fee ranges from Rs 4500 to Rs Rs 27000.
  • The membership for agents range from 1 year to 5 year membership and the fee ranges from Rs 1800 to Rs 20000.
All of the agents and brokers have to note that there is no 4 year membership available in the site.


The setup fee ranges from Rs 4500 to Rs 10000 and the listing price is as follows
  • 100 Slab/year – free
  • 200 Slab/year – ranging from Rs 2700 to Rs 5000
  • 300 Slab/year – ranging from Rs 4500 to Rs 9000
  • 600 Slab/year – ranging from 6300 to Rs 50000
  • Unlimited Slab/year – ranging from 22500 to Rs 50000
Listing of India is beneficial in many ways as it virtually lists the properties that are available for sale in a particular location. It allows the brokers and agents to list their properties and also helps in generating the revenue. It brings the qualified leads which are verified and it is the only source that caters the needs of both the agents and buyers in India. For more details, please visit

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Sell and Purchase Real Estate Made easy in India

Multiple listing Services is the unique source that has the list of all the properties available in a particular location. An agent or a broker can not only list their properties but also generate revenue from advertising property listings of other dealers. It also allows brokers to post their property ads on several other websites which in turn brings many other customers into your business.

Listings of India is the best online listing of real estate agents, brokers and buyers. It acts as a perfect bridge between the agents and buyers. All the leads are qualified and it is the only platform that caters to agents and buyers.

After the success of listing system in US, Canada, Australia and European nations, realtors of India have also agreed to bring such a system into India. There are many benefits with listings of India as it provides a compensational model that they can access even before they bring in a buyer. These services can pave the way for satisfied customers and create a verifiable and trusted business network for agents and brokers throughout India.

Multiple listing services is a process in which agents can earn constant revenue even if they are not selling any property personally. By bringing the buyers to other agents through the links available on the site a broker can earn a revenue percentage from the total commission. The end result of such cooperation is that buyers and consumers will trust the listings and they will have access and exposure to more listing of properties.    

So, listing of India has created a very good change in the real estate market and it is being transformed very quickly in India. So it is the time for real estate agents, brokers who need an access to hundreds of listings in your area then immediately call the experts at Listings of India and register for their services.
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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Multiple Listing Services for the Growth of Real Estate Agents

Multiple Listing services took its birth in United States to serve a database of homes for sale with a main purpose to make the work of real estate agents quick and easy. Listings of India is started to serve the same purpose for real estate agents in India. Using this service the agents can share their listing agreements to locate ready, willing and able buyers very quickly when compared to their own search.
Real Estate and Real Estate Agents are playing a very important role in India. If you want a property Instead of you searching for it, the agents will search and assist you to make your work easy. Listings of India is a Multiple Listing Services company which connects all the Real estate agents in India.

Listings of India Website is Internet Data Exchange (IDX) enabled site, so it is easily accessible to buyers. This website facilitates he real estate agents such that they can put their properties on multiple websites of different agents and brokers such that the property can be viewed by thousands of buyers over the listing network.

Constant Revenue Generation is one of the biggest advantages of Listings of India. As a Real Estate Agent if you can indirectly earn money by posting your property on other websites and gain revenue in the form of commission.

There are two types if franchises that listings of India offers:

Silver Franchisee:

In the silver franchisee, you will be rewarded for each new client you refer to listings of India. After a simple registration, they do the rest, which includes client SignUp, IDX licensing, training, support, billing and pay you a referral fee.

Gold Franchisee:

These franchisees are responsible for billing their clients and providing technical support for their clients. This program involves the training on the listings of India products, expert technical support and access to API for remote management of client accounts. To know more details about the Listings of India please visit

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Role of Real Estate Listings in India

Now days, we have loads of decisions however we need to focus on higher advantage through lower danger. Putting resources into land may be an approach to get a decent estimation of our venture. It covers least hazard. Then again you must be watchful about right venture,right property agents and government rules. With bit mindfulness you can get most extreme profit for your speculation.
When somebody purchasing a property, have excessively mindful about state and focus government approaches, principles and regulation and counsel to a decent property operators furthermore when you picking a property specialists and property designer, at any rate you ought to guarantee about experience and earlier work of property specialists. Try not to trade off with quality for a little sum. Just great quality item can give best benefit and right estimation of speculation. Indian Real Estate is one of the seriously blasting divisions and Indian government is likewise elevating financial specialists to put resources into Indian land market. They are likewise giving speculators numerous offices; in this way, financial specialists are deduction to purchase a property.
Home credit, portion, sponsorship heaps of other methodology are running in property market. Land designer and land operators are putting forth number of plans to clients. Leasing is likewise another classification of them. Do you want to have complete details about Indian real state and the best ways to get better income in this field? Don’t worry, please do visit us any moment and get complete details about ‘real estate of India’ and ‘MLS’ only at